Saturday, April 19, 2008

3 Days and then is GOTCHA DAY!

Saturday is almost over for me, then Sunday, Monday and then is Gotcha Day! I can’t wait. It has been hard these past couple of days, especially today since I didn’t go see little Alex. I tried to stay busy all morning packing some things I know I won’t be using the rest of the time I am here, returning emails and organizing Alex’s stuff. Gee…I even did laundry today! I have a homemade clothes’ line I put together myself and I used the bathroom sink to hand-wash a few sweaters to wear again in Moscow. It is getting warm here but it looks like the temperature in Moscow is still in the low 50’s and a lot cooler than that at night. Next Tuesday when Alex leaves the orphanage, it will be a sunny and warm 71 degrees.

Right after breakfast today I talked to a couple from St Louis who had court here a couple of weeks ago. They went home for the ten-day waiting period and just got back here last Wednesday. Nice people who just adopted two very adorable little boys. They and Megan leave for Moscow tonight and have embassy appointments next Monday. Boy! Do I wish I was leaving with them??? I am so happy for them and for the three kids they are taking home.

This afternoon I am going back to Banana Mama – the Babies R Us of Perm – to shop for some baby food and formula. After that I am going to stop at a Museum just a couple of blocks from the hotel, then I think I will be checking out an acrobatics show I read about in the English Perm paper. I am not doing anything tomorrow outside the hotel, and Monday I will be going back to see my boy.