Friday, April 18, 2008

Four Days...And T G I F!!!!

Thank Goodness is Friday!!! I am getting a little anxious and ready to get back home. Perm is nice and the place where I am staying is great but it is getting to be a bit much. I can’t put into words how much I am looking forward to Gotcha Day and flying to Moscow with Alex to meet Chris.

The plan is still the same; Roma told me today that he will be leaving to Kudymkar really early on Monday morning, probably 7:00 AM. That means he will be able to get to the courthouse before lunch and get back to Perm around 4:00. Perhaps a bit too late to take the court decision to the passport office so the plan is to deliver that paperwork first thing Tuesday morning and right after we get his birth certificate from the department of Vital Statistics.

After that is off to the baby house to get my precious little boy. Yahoooo!!! Anastasia told me that the reason Alex didn’t want to eat again today is because he senses he is leaving the orphanage. I personally don’t think he has a clue. I did tell her today that it probably wasn’t a good idea to give him two full cups of juice just before lunch – he drinks that stuff like is going out of style so when we try to feed him the lunch, he is too full to want to eat much.

I feel a lot better today but Alex is about the same as he was yesterday. He did play more today, we walked the hallways, he didn’t cry out for Anastasia when she came to check on us, and today he was infatuated with my necklace and hair. He is so curious and wants to grab everything in sight. I can already tell that I will be able to do absolutely nothing other than to watch him when I get home…and I can’t wait!

Today he got a hold of Roma’s cell phone, he put it to his ear and made a noise like he was saying hello in Russian. At first I thought it was just in my head but when he did it a second time Roma thought that perhaps he has watched the caretakers do it so he is just imitating them. Very possible I guess. I saw two of them today on their cells when Alex and I were strolling down the hallways of the baby house.

I still don’t know about this weekend and Roma won’t be here to take me to the orphanage on Monday. I offered to call a taxi from the hotel but he recommended against it. Today he will try to contact someone he knows to see if they can take me there and pick me up a couple of hours later. On Monday, I will deliver the clothes he will wear on Tuesday when I pick him up. I am sure Anastasia will have him looking really handsome on his last day at the baby house.

I know Anastasia is happy to see him become part of a family and have a much better life and future, but I could tell today that she is already very sad knowing he is leaving in just a few days. I can tell they are very attached to each other and I feel very sad for her. It also breaks my heart to think that Alex will be confused and will wonder about her for the next few days. I am sure it will be a day filled with a lot of emotions for everyone. I have a picture of her and Alex that I took just a few days ago and I plan to frame it and give it to her to keep as a memory. Baby Alex will soon forget all about this place but for me, I will NEVER forget the place that gave us our son, or Anastasia the wonderful woman who loved him and cared for him the first fifteen months of his life.


kelly said...

I bet you are so ready to come home!Its getting close! What a great bonding time you have had with Alex,Im sure that will be very helpfull as you leave there.