Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Day

Two BIG events today: Alex got to be out of the baby house on a bright sunny day in Perm and HE WALKED without any help! On the ride to the picture’s store he was checking out everything that moved and getting his new pair of shades on and off. The ride to the picture’s store only took about 10 minutes, but getting this curious boy to pose for the pictures was not as quick. He kept giggling and pointing at his own face in the computer screen and the photographer was not too thrilled. She was finally able to get him to hold still and took some really good pictures for his passport and US visa. I told Roma to take the longest route back so Alex could be out of the orphanage a little longer. We were only gone for about an hour.

The room we use every day to visit with Alex was busy with a new couple from the US that just arrived in Perm yesterday. The resident Doctor told us we had to use the large music/play room which is about five times bigger than the visiting room. Alex loved it and so did I. I could tell he is really familiar with this room; I walked to the far end of the room to grab some toys and Alex just got up and started walking towards me. Up to know he has been walking around holding hands or hanging on to people but today he was all over that room showing off to Mama. I wished so much that Chris was here to see him. Roma did get a great video that I will be showing to him.

We had a great time playing with the toys, the piano, and going in-and-out the play-house. Blowing and catching bubbles was definitely the most fun for him today. He would giggle really loud as he was trying to catch the bubbles. I fed him a bowl of chicken noodle soup for lunch and some gold fish crackers and baby apple juice that I brought in as contraband. We had a terrific day and today he even cried when the caretaker picked him up to take him away to nap.
On the way out Roma and I ran into the resident Doctor again who told us they had installed the DVD player and the kids were having Movie Day this afternoon.

This evening I will be talking with a couple who are missionaries from the US living here in Perm, and whom I met online a few months ago. They have a Kids Club for the orphanages that house older kids. Today I am going to talk to them about bringing the show to Baby House Number 6.


Jamie said...

I am really enjoying hearing about Alex and your bonding with him! Can't wait until you get to be home with him!