Tuesday, April 15, 2008

7 Days to Getting Alex

Today when I went to see Alex Anastasia, my favorite caretaker, was there and she and the doctor gave me Alex’s daily meal menu and nap schedule. I am thinking this is what HE SHOULD be eating, but no necessarly what he eats right now, otherwise he would probably be a few sizes bigger. I did find out yesterday that he is still on formula and not having any milk yet. I also got a long list with all his immunizations.

He has been doing great; today he was VERY active and enjoyed digging through the backpack I bring with me every day. He has figured out that’s where I keep some toys (…and Goldfish, cookies and juice. Shhh). Today we played with stickers. I wanted to see if he would be able to peel-off the stickers and put them in a blank piece of paper, which he did and had fun doing. He also took out his sunglasses from my bag and put them on, and then took my sunglasses and put them on me. We took a long walk up and down the orphanage hallways, both of us wearing shades. It was quite the sight!

In the afternoon I ran into the single woman from Seattle, who has been staying here a week longer than me waiting for her new baby. She and her adopted son, also from Russia, were bowling so I joined then for a little while. She is really nice and her fourteen year old boy is a lot of fun! Later in the afternoon the three of us went to the mall and visited the Russian version of Babies R Us; we had dinner at Southern Fried Chicken, which is just like KFC, then walked to another mall, and them home.

Tomorrow night Marina, Roma’s girlfriend, and I are going to the Opera House. The show is a Turkish play with a title I can’t pronounce. I am more excited and interested to see the inside of the three-hundred year-old Opera House than I am on the actual play. They just had Romeo and Juliet and La Traviata here a couple of weeks ago; that would have been great to see but we have to settle for the Turkish romantic opera; I am sure it will be great!


Becky and Keith said...

Thank you so much for the invite to your blog! What a cute little guy Alex is!! I just read your entire blog - it's wonderful! Thanks for the info on Dr. Johnson... I have read so many good things about him so that seems to be the way we are leaning!

Danigirl said...

So you went to Banana Mama and to the good old Southern Fried Chicken Place. I liked the mall that had the food court in it (across from the Hotel Ural)because i could point at the food I wanted to try and not have to pronounce the word in Russian and be laughed at. If you run into Valencia at the orphanage(our girls care taker) please tell Her Dasha and Masha Volkava say hello from Colorado. I love your pictures and reading about all the same places we went to while in Perm. Hugs, Danica