Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Five Days Now

It is Thursday at 8:15 AM. This thirteen-hour difference from Phoenix is confusing but trust me, in five days Alex moves from the baby house to my arms!

The internet was down all day yesterday so I was not able to write on the blog or returned any emails. Alex and I had another great day; I think they are preparing him for AZ...he was in shorts and a T-shirt during most of our visit. I really love this little guy and he knows it! Yesterday he was doing all the entertaining and showing off to Mama big time. Anastasia told me they have started to call him Alex and he has been responding. I call him Alex at the same time I pronounce his Russian name--hopefully he will make the connection.

The Opera House was incredible. The celings were all hand painted by some Italian artist and the decor is all in white and gold. Pretty amazing place. The play was the Silfida Ballet from Sweeden and it was also wonderful. After the show Marina and I met Roma at Coffe City for a late snack and coffee, then I came home and went to the business center since the Internet was down and I was not able to use my laptop. Overall, it was another good day in good 'ole Perm, Russia.