Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wishful Thinking...

I posted on February 23rd that I was hoping my paperwork would be translated the following week and be on its way to Roma so he could work on setting a court date for us. Well, that was wishful thinking and us being naive about this whole process. We did get word from our agency that Moscow did get our dossier on Monday - I prayed for the family going to Moscow and for our paperwork they were carrying with them and He listened again :)

Two or three days after the paperwork got there we got word that they needed three more documents. We were able to get them ready and sent via two-day mail. The agency told us they only mail paperwork to Russia on Tuesdays and Thursdays so there was no need for us to spend another $50 to have a document sit at someones desk until tomorrow. I'm sure Chris will be checking online as soon as he gets to work just to make sure it got delivered today.

We are trying to stay positive and upbeat so here is our wishful thinking now: the agency will get and send our new three new documents to Moscow on Tuesday. They should get them by Friday but Monday they are having another holiday...this time is Woman's Day, except the women only get one day...but the men got three last week. What's up with that? We assume Tuesday or Wednesday of next week is when someone will review and translate them and hopefully have them finalized by that Friday (March 14th) So, if they get them mailed to Roma around that time we could still fly out to Perm this month.

Now, realistic thinking: Docs translated by March 14th then mailed to Roma via the old Wells Fargo carriage and are received in Perm the week of the 17th. We would need the week of the 24th to get the Russian visas....Hmmm, realistically we could be leaving at the end of the month or the first week in April. Family and friends, please pray with us on this one...We haven't stopped asking Him for guidance but more important, we have asked for patience to get us through this exasperating process and intervention to help us bring our baby home real soon.