Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dossier II on it's way to Moscow...

We completed all the paperwork and made two originals just in case the first one gets lost on it's way to Moscow. I have read horror stories from adoptives parents whose dossier has gotten lost in route to Russia or whatever other country where their adoption is taking place. I read the saddest story just recently of a woman who has been waiting 2 years just to get a referral then her documentation got lost in route. It took her almost a month to get a whole new set.

The agency called me to let me know everything was in order and rather than sending our dossier to Moscow via express mail they were going to be asking a family who is supposed to arrive in Russia this Sunday to carry and deliver it for us. Chris and I both recalled our lost suitcase fiasco on our first trip and got concerned about our dossier being passed around. However, they reassured us that they do it all the time and they would be asking the family to carry them on and not to put them in their luggage. I hope they listened. Like everything else so far...we said a prayer and asked for Divine intervention. Having this family deliver the papers will save us a few days. They are suppose to arrive in Moscow on Monday and DHL would have gotten there next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Last week I also heard that Monday is a holiday in Russia. The party actually started today and goes through Monday night. They call it Men's Days. Not clue what 'the men" get to do during these three days but Chris was hoping they had that here. Fat chance I thought :).

In all, things are looking pretty good. I hope to get a call on Tuesday and hear that my Moscow rep has our stuff. Hopefully she will translate everything this coming week and send it to Roma by next weekend. I am sure Roma would have had recovered from Men's Days by then and will be ready to roll. Something tells me we will get a call with a court date real soon. It is excrutiating to think of little Alex there for much longer and we constantly wonder how he is doing. If I could only get some way to connect with the orphanage and ask about him...


kelly said...

Hi,Glad to hear things are going well and moving forward.

Jamie said...

Progress must feel great!! Always thinking of you and sending positive energy your way! I can't wait for the days that we are ready to pull our hair out b/c the kids make us nuts!!! I hope to travel with our babies to see you in Phoenix!

Many Hugs,