Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Sunday

We spent the morning at Lowes and Babies R Us and the afternoon working in Alex's room. My friend Angie and Spencer, the neighborhood girl that watches Dudley, helped us put the primer on. It was fun but I promise it is not any way near the way it will end up looking. What you see in the pictures above is just primer, blue tape and mess. I just had to post the 'before' pictures.

We ordered his crib set and it should be here in about three to four weeks. By then we should be done with all the painting, curtains and wall decor. The paint we chose is a two tone set-up divided with a cherry panel. The top part is a butter or yellowish cream looking color, the bottom is coffee and the rails will match the darkish wood of the crib. It should look really, really nice in just a few weeks.

This is really helping keep our minds of the waiting and helping make the days go by just a bit faster. Tomorrow we have to go pick up the last of the paperwork from the doctor's office but apostilling will have to wait until Tuesday since all the government officials will be celebrating President's day tomorrow. It will be another busy time for us at work so hopefully it will go by fast. I keep thanking God for getting us another day closer to Alex and giving us the patience to deal with our journey these next few weeks.