Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We are going to Perm!!!

So far so good this week. Yesterday we received an email from the agency to let us know our schedule for Perm. After several calls back and forth we finaly got a specific time for our appointments while in Russia. Yesterday afternoon Chris was off and was able to get our trip booked. We will be flying from Phoenix to Charlotte, then to Frankfurt and Moscow. In Moscow we have a long layover before we catch another flight to Perm. It will be a long trip...we leave on a Friday at noon and get to Perm 30 hours later!

Yesterday during the lunch hour I was able to take off from work to go shopping at a little scrapbooking store that 's going out of business. I got some really great deals on the book and all the goodies I need to start putting together the Adoption Lifebook. I can't wait to get that started but unfortunately I have to put it off until this coming weekend. For the next few days I have a lot of school homework.

Chris is just as busy making sure everything at the office is up-to-date before we leave and helping with all the trip preparations, dealing with the airlines, figuring out hotels in Frankfurt, and so on. It is going to be an exciting month...that's for sure!!!

It was great having today off - we were able to catch-up on a lot of stuff that otherwise we would do in the evenings. We got all the technology stuff tested and ready to go. We are supposed to take lots of pictures and make a video of the baby to submit it to the International Adoption Clinic in MN from Perm. That will help the doctors here determine if there are specific medical issues to be aware and for which we would need to prepare.

Trying to figure out the recording from our camera and downloading was not that difficult but it was a good thing we tested it today. We discovered that our email server has a very little limit on the size of files we can send. We also found out that we are only able to record for about four minutes and the doctor's request is to send at least a 15 minute video. The chore tomorrow is to upgrade emails so we don't have issues sending out these videos. We are also thinking about investing on a video recorder and not using the digital camera we have but we'll have to wait and see. For now, it is great to have our dates figured out, trip booked and most of the stuff we are taking figured out. Great way to start out 2008!


Anonymous said...

Yeah you are moving right along! Next thing you know it will be time to go!