Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Christmas Wish Comes True!

We got "the call" yesterday! The agency called with the best news ever ~ a one year old baby boy is ready to be adopted and we are the fortunate ones who get to come see him soon. I can't even begin to put in writing how happy we are. We got very little information that included some measurements at birth and, according to our research, all seems in line with his age.

After enjoying the momemt for a while, we immediately started to fill-out the forms for our Russian visas, checking on flights, calling family and friends, and started to figure out what we need to take on the trip. I have been reading several blogs by people who were recently there, or are at the same stage as we are, to get some hints and tips about trip one. All of these posts are such an inspiration...

I did find someone who has been a real angel during these past couple of weeks. I found her name while researching the net and now I stay in touch with her just about every day. I have gotten so much advise, support, hints, help, guidance, you name it!!! We really, really owe her.

And there will be more on her later :0)

It looks like we may leaving for Perm on/or about January 15th, and we'll be there for around 5 days, but of course it takes two to get there and two to get back. We can't wait...Soon I will be sending a note to everyone to let all know...We Are Going to Perm!!!


Kelly said...

Yeah! Im so happy for y'all