Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Living Quarters at the Amaks

My kitchen for the rest of the month!

I guess there is no use for asking to have the ten-day waiting period waived because it just doesn’t happen in Perm. Chris will be going back to Phoenix on Sunday and I will stay here until the end of the month. So…these are my living quarters for the rest of the month. The hotel is great, nice restaurant, the service is pretty good, and there is a bowling alley, a swimming pool and a sauna that I won’t be using since it costs US$40 for just an hour. I have been using the gym to kill an hour or so in the afternoon and today we are taking a walk to a grocery store down the street so I can eat something else other than granola and raisins. Chris is still enjoying the morning buffet but I know it is going to get old really soon, although, they do have some new food items every day. Today it was tongue and of course he tried it but I just couldn’t. Tomorrow night dinner is at Casa Mia and after court we hope to celebrate with Roma at S36. That restaurant is my favorite one so far.


Danigirl said...

Looks like a decent hotel room. Glad you found the market. It will help you so you don't get too sick of the food in the hotel. Tongue does not sound appetizing to me, I think I would rather starve than eat that. Casa Mia is a nice restaurant but a bit pricey. We ate at the pizza place near the market and above that was a nice Chinese restaurant. Can't wait to hear more about Alex.