Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long time no post...

It has been three weeks or so since we posted. No specific reason other than frustration over how complex this process can be. Shortly after I posted that Part II of my dossier was in Moscow we got a call asking for more paperwork which included some medical forms that we had to get done in the US after all.

Of course doctors here can't see you on the spot so there was a frustrating two week delay. I did go to a couple of great doctors who were very willing to help us. Once that paperwork along with a few other forms was ready we were headed downtown again to get them apostilled. The downtown experience was pretty smooth for a change. The hormone level was evidently under control and the lady who has helped and gave us grief in the past was actually pretty nice and wanted to know all about the adoption. We rushed back to the office to make copies then flew to the UPS store so we could ship everything on Wednesday. This allowed us to get our stuff to the agency last Thursday which is when they usually send a shipment to Russia. I was thrilled because missing that shipment would have entailed having to wait until today to get our boatload of paperwork sent to the Moscow Coordinator.

It has been quite hard and stressful not having a date yet but things are now looking better. We got news today that our paperwork arrived in Moscow late yesterday and was been translated between today and tomorrow. We are assuming everything will be sent to Roma by the end of this week so he should have everything by this coming friday or next Monday. He will then take it to a judge who will decide if everything looks good, or if we need to proof anything else. We are still pretty confident now that we would get a court date around mid-April. In fact, the agency must also think we are getting very close to travelling; late today we received an email with all the requirements for our second trip. Finally!!!

In anticipation for our second trip we have been putting all the stuff we need to take in one place and tonight I plan to start packing. This weekend I will be shopping for gifts to take to Russia and Chris will be checking on tickets. Sounds like Chris is going to be able to get us to Perm directly from Frankfurt which will avoid the awful wait we had to endure at the domestic airport in Moscow a couple of months ago. We are so very happy knowing it could be just a few weeks before we get to see our little man again and better yet, only a few weeks again before he is finally home with us.