Monday, January 28, 2008

Arriving at the Moscow International Airport

You wouldn’t think so. There seemed to be people from everywhere in the world at the Frankfurt airport but when we got to the Moscow gate, everyone was Russian except us. Although Chris could mix right-in, it was rather obvious that everyone else thought I probably didn’t look like I belong in this group. No dirty looks or anything like that, just curiosity looks I think. That was until we got to Moscow.
Our luggage didn’t take long to come out and we were out of the baggage area in about 30 minutes. The passport control wait was about five minutes which is quite different than what everyone had told us to expect. We were prepared to spend a few hours in the passport control and Customs line but from getting our bags to getting through Customs it was less than 30 minutes. After gathering our luggage we took what they call The Green Channel Line; this is the line you take if you are not carrying anything to declare; there were five, very serious looking Custom officers, KGB probablye, in green and red uniforms. They were letting everyone get through until it was our turn. One of them, really serious looking asked us for our passports as soon as he saw us. He looked at the pictures and looked at us but did not say much other than asking if all what was in the luggage was personal. His expression alone was enough to scare the life out of me! I got to thinking that he was probably just upset to be working the midnight shift and figured he could pass some time scaring the life out of the tired, dishelved confused Americans.