Monday, January 28, 2008

In Perm...At Last!

WOW, WOW, WOW, is the best way to describe it. First of all we have never seen such a spectacular sunrise. This happened about 45 minutes before landing into Perm. It was so bright that I couldn’t even look at it through the camera lense to take a picture of it. It didn’t last long. Once we started to descend, it was overcast all over Perm and we haven’t seen the sun since. It was evident to us while we were landing that they had just had a big snow fall and we later confirmed that with our representative.
We have never seen so much snow in our lives; not even when living in Idaho or the mid-west. It was so amazing; I have no idea how the pilots that come here manage to land in these conditions; our landing was pretty smooth but the whole time approaching the airport I thought we would run right into the gate. How do they brake on ice like this is what I kept wondering. Well, there was no gate to run into. The airplanes lands out in the field, about a hundred and fifty feet away from the building. A bus picked us up, and Oh Boy … are we glad they did. The wind was so strong when we got off that plane that we had to hang to each other really hard to make it to the bus. The wind chill factor had to be quite a few degrees below zero. Bitter, bitter cold I have never experienced before until we got inside the building, which they keep around 90 degrees just about everywhere. I wondered again…What the heck we are doing in the so called “Gateway to Siberia” city. What a better reason than a baby boy huh???
I was able to take a picture of this plane which almost landed simultaneously to ours. Like landing in these way below freezing conditions wasn’t scary enough. Imagine turning your head to your right to see another plane doing it just a few hundred feet away taking the same crazy chance. Here it didn’t take long either to get our luggage. Chris and I wondered what it would be like to be a baggage handler under these brutal conditions…You gotta do what you gotta do…Thank God for Wells Fargo!!!
The ride to the airport was just as amazing. There is so much white, so much snow, yet everyone drives so fast. The roads were kept pretty good but still, you would think that they would slow down. I guess they are just so used to it here…everyone drives on the defensive so, according to our rep, there aren’t really that many accidents due to the snow. I don’t get it! It’s a good thing we are not doing the driving…talk about being a back-seat driver!!! Arriving to the hotel alone felt like such as accomplishment after driving in this much snow. The roofs tops we can see from our hotel have several feet of snow and the icicles are huge. The room is great and has all the comforts of home, including the Arizona 90 degrees! We have to leave the windows open a bit in order to make it comfortable inside and be able to access our newly designed refrigerating system. I will let the picture above speak for itself. The accommodations are much better than we imagined but ironically enough there is no ice available for consumption anywhere. Go figure! We just keep scooping it off the window ledge.


kelly said...

Love the pictures! seems like we yesterday that we were in Perm,looking at those

Danigirl said...

Perm was always so cold when we were there. I always felt the bite from the wind. It feels like we were just there last week.