Friday, December 21, 2007

No Updates

No new calls, no info from the agency, no updates on the hotline. Nada, Zippo, Zero...

The only call I got this week happened yesterday. My doctor's assistant is really trying to help us by getting us names of all the doctors we need to see as part of our region's requirements for the adoption. Four of the doctors we need to see are right in my General Practitioner's office. That was actually great news!!!!

We've decided to hold off sending this blog to our friends and family until we can attach it to an email with a title reading something like "We Are Going to Russia". I keep praying for some good news soon of a one or two year old baby boy. I did have a dream just the other day that I was walking down a street in Perm looking for the orphanage and when I finally found it, a really cute kid with big bright eyes was all packed up ready to go with me, but someone at the orphanage kept telling me I counldn't bring him home. I woke up pretty upset but kept telling myself it was just a dream. I must have some deep-down fear of getting there and someone telling me that I can't bring him home.

Back now from dream-land... we can't wait to get some news real soon, go to Perm, get our little one and bring him home to be with us last :)