Friday, December 7, 2007

Fingerprints and now just waiting...

Today we got our fingerprints done downtown. No issues, thank goodness. The office was not even that busy and we were pleasantly surprised about the good service we got from the fingerprinting agent. Once we are 'cleared' we should be receiving a letter from CIS ( same as the INS) letting us know we can bring a baby from abroad. Things are looking good, we just want to get that referral sooooo bad!!!!

We know he is going to be worth every minute of the wait. In the meantime we have a few plans to get ready for the the baby's arrival. Both Chris and I have have done a lot of research on adoptions from Russia, including reading books regarding attachment and development issues. I got really scare reading the book I just finished but it did talk more about adopting older children after they have been in the foster care system. In any case, the possibility of our little one having 'orphanage issues' is very real and we want to be ready to handle any situation, and give him the best opportunities and life possible.

I also re-decorated Mitchell's room a couple of weeks ago. It now looks like a 'big boy's room and judging by Mitch's face I can tell he loved it. He did give us some input and switched somethings around. This weekend we are taking some time to work on the baby's room and we'll have Mitch helped with it too. I think we'll also paint and shop for borders and bedroom furniture. I am hoping to figure out this blogging business soon so I can add pictures to it. As soon as I do I will be sharing all the new upgrades.