Thursday, December 13, 2007

Doctor Appointments

I heard today that we have a choice about getting our 'eight' medicals visits here in the US or in Perm. I don't think it would be too comfortable to go to all these doctors and have a translator in there or misunderstanding the terminology. I called the doctor's office to find out how they can help but of course you can never talk to the doctor to explain why we need to see so many specialists. However, when I got back from school tonight I had a really nice voice mail message from our doctor to let us know that once we know for sure what type of MD's we need to see, they will be able to refer us and explain to them why we need the appointments.

Our agency contact here is emailing their agency in Moscow to get specific information. I was told we should know something by tomorrow night. I am hoping to hear back early enough to contact our doctor. We definetely want to do what we can to have these medicals here - I guess they include some intensive lab work too - good thing Chris and I are pretty healthy! The bad part? We have to pay for it ourselves. There is no way our insurance company will find any justification on any of this. Oh is what it is :)